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#1 Stainless Steel Canopies in Australia

Commercial kitchens produce a lot of steam, odour, fumes, fine grease, gasses, and plenty of other airborne chemicals.

Because of this, airflow circulation and extraction becomes vitally important. With all the air-pollutants that can endanger employee safety as well as food quality, it is important to get a suitable, custom-fit, extraction system. Achieving proper airflow and air-balance comes down to having proper ventilation and extraction systems in place.

Talk to us about the design of your barbeque Commercial Canopies and we will work with you and your specific requirements to manufacture the canopies that will become a feature of your alfresco / outdoor dining area.

Magnificient Commercial series for your professional kitchen

Long working hours, hard working temperatures, heat, smoke, cleaning problems, more and more problems suddenly are able to pop up in a professional kitchen. Our engineers thought about all of those problems to defeat them and we created the Commercial custom series for your professional kitchen in order to make them always up and running in perfect conditions. Also, our commercial serie looks elegant feels like your own kitchen!

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