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AGF1500 Pro 2 Rangehood


A grade Finish AGF 1500 Pro 2

A Grade Rangehoods Are much Deeper and wider than Traditional range hoods. this means they capture a larger amount of air and smoke. The twin roof mount fans on the AGF1500Pro 2 rangehood models are outside the roofline, leading to almost silent operations with an impressive suction capacity of 6400 m³ per hour.

Please note if you need a Horizontal Flue (out the back or side of the unit), The Motors are placed inside the rangehood and runs louder than the outside roof fans, if you require the internal motor system please contact us. Please Note price includes Flue and Ducting. Excludes roof flashing, these can be purchased from us once we know your roof type (Tin or Tiled)


A grade Finish AGF 1500 Pro 2 Canopy Rangehood

(Rangehood Model No. AGF1500Pro-2)

A Grade Finish Canopies have been engineered and specifically designed a masterpiece rangehood which is for your BBQ and beautiful kitchen areas. They are not only deeper than other rangehoods on the market, they are wider as well allowing them to capture a much larger area eliminating smoke and grease build-up through our 50 mm thick commercial grade honeycomb grease filters.

The dual roof mount fans on the AGF1500Pro 2 Rangehood sits outside the roofline, leading to an almost silent operation with an impressive suction capacity of 6400m³ per hour. The tremendous amount of suction capacity allows you to unforgettable joy with your barbecue weekends with your guests.

NOTE: Should you require a horizontal flue (venting out the rear or side of the unit), the motors will need to be placed inside the rangehood and will run louder than the outside roof fan due to the closer proximity. Should you require this option please contact us.

Australian engineered to last and outperform.


  • Telescopic flue
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • 2 x Super quiet roof mount fan
  • Massive commercial suction running at 6400m³ per hour
  • 3 x 50mm thick commercial honeycomb filters
  • 3-speed switch with auto shut off timer
  • 4 x 35-watt halogen globes
  • 10A (3 pin plug)
  • Energy efficient
  • 1 x Y piece
  • 2 x solid 300mm diameter ducts 1m long
  • 2 x 300mm diameter flex duct (5m long each)
  • 2-year warranty

Don’t settle for second best!
Our range hoods are built strong, built to work well, and above all else last the test of time


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