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Beefeater Signature ProLine 6


Beefeater Signature PROLine™ Flame Failure BBQ

BeefEater Signature ProLine™ integrated 6 burner barbecue offers superior control and even heat distribution, with the added safety of flame failure.


Beefeater Signature ProLine 6 Burner Stainless Steel Built-In with Flame Failure Device

Intensive Cleaning Cycle.

Keep your cast iron hotplate and cast iron grills looking their best with our quick and easy cleaning feature. Simply open your barbecue hood or lid, remove any stainless steel attachments and turn on all burners to boost level. In 30 minutes, the cooking residue will turn to ash, so all you need to do is wipe clean.

Superior oil management system.

Healthier cooking and an easy-to-clean barbecue are yours thanks to the superior oil management system. Oil and waste run into easily removable containers at the front of the barbecue, while the unique angled surface drains oil away from food.

Reliable cast.

Enjoy fast heat-up, superior heat retention, and consistent cooking results with the cast grill and cast hotplate. The cast elements are also simple to clean, so you can keep your barbecue looking its best for many years to come.

Intuitive controls.

Designed for form and function, the ergonomic controls complement any suitable bench or workspace. Each control features power level indicators to eliminate guesswork and ensure perfect results every time.

Cast Hotplate.

Take your barbecuing to the next level with the cast hotplate. Designed to fit over the four center burners of the barbecue, this clever cast iron hotplate will have you cooking like a pro. With one control igniting two burners at a time, simply select your desired heat level and enjoy the ideal set-up for consistently even grilling, searing, or roasting.

Even heat distribution.

The state-of-the-art cooking surface features six powerful burners to ensure precise heat distribution and amazing results every time. Plus you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your food will always be cooked evenly and just the way you like it.

Made for style and durability.

Designed to withstand our tough Australian climate, all stainless steel components are commercial grade. So you’ll enjoy great looks and superior performance for years to come.

Sleek linear design.

With its distinctive linear design, the Beefeater Signature ProLine barbecue range is sure to impress. Sleek lines, cutting-edge style, and a top-class range of innovative features have created the perfect addition to your outdoor entertaining area.


  • Cast furnishings for consistently even cooking
  • Commercial grade stainless steel components
  • Flame failure
  • Optional barbecue extras available
  • Intensive cleaning cycle
  • Superior oil management system
  • Intuitive controls with power level indicator
  • Cast Hotplate
  • Six powerful burners for even heat distribution
  • Made for style and durability


  • Total height (with the lid closed) (mm) 212
  • Total height (with the lid open) (mm) 615
  • Total height (mm) 212
  • Total width (mm) 1053
  • Total depth (mm) 540
  • Cut out width (mm)1025
  • Cut out depth (mm) 502

Additional information

Weight 64 kg
Dimensions 106 × 540 × 212 cm


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